July 2022

Photo Petition: Defend RGGI

meaghan, July 22, 2022

Photo Petition: DEFEND RGGI We need to stop Governor Youngkin’s unlawful attacks on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Governor Youngkin wants to undo our climate progress and take Virginia backwards. We understand that the Air Pollution Control Board this summer plans to declare an emergency administrative repeal and withdraw Virginia from the Regional Greenhouse Gas… Read more »

Fairfax Hub – August 2022 Update

meaghan, July 22, 2022

Fairfax Hub Update – August 2022 There’s so much in motion locally and regionally around better land use, electrifying transportation, and improving County efforts that sometimes it makes my head spin! (Could I turn that spinning into an alternate energy source, I wonder?) The efforts which have blossomed into ripening fruit are many. An extensive… Read more »

Summer of Advocacy Bootcamp 2022

meaghan, July 8, 2022

Summer of Action Bootcamp: Build your power!It’s time to build our power! Join the Summer of Action Advocacy Bootcamp, where you’ll learn techniques and success-driven approaches for messaging, organizing and impacting solutions in your community.  With the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (H.R.3684), opportunities abound for community advancements in energy efficiency,… Read more »