Green Solutions for Congregations

FACS works with congregations like yours throughout our region to save money by installing renewable energy and green sacred spaces.

Our Power of Faith program manager can guide you through a multistep process that can reduce utility costs and lower your carbon footprint. We’ll explain how to track energy use, upgrade the energy efficiency of your buildings, install solar, and take advantage of financing options.

Our Tree of Life program will help to make your faith community greener, healthier, and more sustainable. Every third Thursday of each month, FACS hosts thought-provoking online discussions. Our partners Plant NOVA Natives and Audubon At Home can provide on-site visits and tailored recommendations to create wildlife-friendly and habitat-enhanced environments.

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Power Of Faith

Our Power of Faith program, funded by the Department of Energy’s Buildings UP award, connects houses of worship interested in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions with experts, coaching, and peer support. The Power of Faith program is designed to help congregations lower their carbon footprint, cut wasted energy and conserve congregations’ resources for their missions.

Learn more about The Power of Faith Campaign

Tree Of Life

Our Tree of Life campaign encourages climate-friendly and ecosystem-friendly practices on faith community grounds including preserving, restoring, and expanding natural systems and green spaces. This campaign focuses on improving soil quality, planting native species and community gardens, removing invasive species to save mature trees, composting, sustainable lawn care, and more. Learn more about the Tree of Life campaign.