FACS helps faith communities lead by example

  • Local solutions to the climate crisis-global impacts
  • Sustainable and resilient communities for current and future generations.

The Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions (FACS) was formed to create opportunities for people to act together effectively from their values, moral, spiritual, and religious beliefs. The faith community’s ability to organize large numbers of people who might not otherwise engage in advocacy makes it a critical asset to advancing climate justice solutions. Many people aren’t aware of decisions made at the local level that impact climate policies, yet that is where effects of climate change are felt most keenly.

Persistent, local advocacy grounded in morality is how FACS makes an impact.

We organize the power of Virginia’s faith communities to advance local solutions to the urgent moral challenge of climate change. We envision a future full of environmentally sustainable communities grounded in justice, and there’s plenty of room at the table for you to help us #ActOnClimate.

In everything we do, we strive to align our actions with our values. As a member of the FACS community, you’ll see various communications from us that will hopefully inspire you to stand with us in meaningful #ClimateAction. But communication is a two-way street! We want to hear your insightful thoughts and brilliant ideas, so please reach out with questions and comments and engage with us.

Support our mission to care for our one, share home: The Earth

Empower us to unite the faith community to address the root causes of climate change and environmental injustice.

Help us advocate for equitable solutions.