Be the Solution

FACS provides vulnerable communities with a voice through our programs and the work of 2,900 supporters drawn from 225 faith-based organizations in our alliance.

Your employees may be members of our community. Your partnership with FACS tells them that you care about local solutions to the climate crisis.

Our record of success working with local governments and public schools is already making our communities more sustainable and will help to drive economic development and job creation for the next 50 years.

Benefits of a Corporate Sponsorship

Brand Awareness

FACS partnerships are advertised broadly via emails (e.g., newsletters), social media, events, and our website.

  • Our newsletter reaches 2,900 community members across the Northern Virginia and beyond.
  • 3,000+ followers on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Thousands reached through network of 225 faith communities and partnerships with community organizations.

Employee Engagement

Employees are encouraged to participate in all FACS programs and events, including: