Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions


FACS Materials

BrochureLearn about the work of FACS in Fairfax County.

Videos: Visit our YouTube channel and Facebook page for live and archived videos and virtual events.

2021 Fairfax to Zero Advocacy Priorities: Fairfax to Zero is an ambitious effort to promote local policies that will reduce greenhouse gases emitted in the county, reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, if not sooner. 

Tree of Life Program Guide: Ready to take bold action? Then review the resources for our Tree of Life eco-actions program for faith communities! Each eco-action featured is accompanied by helpful information and resource links. Additional resources are included for each Tree of Life growth track: Net Zero, Climate Justice, Low Waste, and Earth Steward.

Net Zero Commitment Handbook: This Resource Handbook is designed to help faith communities achieve the goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 by providing technical assistance, clear metrics for success, and structured support. The Net Zero Track in Tree of Life provides additional support and recognition on the path to becoming a Net Zero Faith Community.

Resources for Faith Communities

Green Team Resources: Starting a Green Team? Then don’t be sure to overlook these resources! Learn about structure, membership, event planning, spiritual resources, and more. 

CAP Grants for Places of WorshipCongregations can apply for grants with projects focused on watershed and energy conservation. 

C-PACE PresentationLearn how your community can finance solar or other large energy upgrade projects at your place of worship. Building improvement and clean energy upgrades are often more financially feasible with Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE). C-PACE helps faith-based organizations overcome upfront cost barriers and easily access capital that is paid back through savings on utility bills. 

Sermons and Religious Resources for Places of WorshipBring climate and faith together at your place of worship. Here you’ll find resources for a wide variety of faiths. 

Carbon Footprint GamePlay the Carbon Footprint Game at your place of worship. This is an easy way to get children and adults to discuss and take action on climate change! You can watch the informational video about how to implement it at your congregation. You can print these stickers to play.

How to Host a Zero-Waste EventLearn the steps to hold a zero-waste event at your place of worship. 

Zero Waste Faith CampsLearn how congregations can be plastic-free during their faith summer camps. This is in conjunction with our ongoing #PlasticFreeFairfax Campaign. 

Children’s ActivitiesGet children and youth involved in environmental initiatives with these ideas and activities. 

Plastic Bags Recycling Program with TREX: The From Bags to Benches guide helps you get the most out of the TREX recycling program. Your congregation collects plastic bags and sends them to TREX, who will turn them into composite decking. If you meet your goal, then TREX will send you a park bench made of recycled material!

FACS WorkshopsLearn about our Community Workshops offered year-round. Workshops are available for a variety of audiences and can be adapted to suit your community’s goals and faith tradition. Workshops are interactive and may include a video, discussion, or hands-on activities.

Going Green at Home: Learn about some of the small, responsible (and inexpensive) lifestyle changes you can make at home to have a positive impact on the environment and your wallet.

Free Webinars

Solar for Your Congregation WebinarJoin FACS & Ipsun Solar for an overview of how to make solar projects a reality at your congregation. As a result of watching, then participants will know the steps needed to coordinate a project. This is a great webinar for any interested congregations!

Go Green At Your Home Webinar: Watch an hour-long webinar on purchasing green energy and solar panels for your home and matching grant opportunities with Fairfax County! If you would like copies of the PowerPoint presentations, email us.  

Zero Waste CongregationView a presentation from Rev. Stephanie Allen about how to implement environmental initiatives into your congregation.