FACS Materials 

Program Handout

A one page handout with all of our programs. A great resource to pass out at meetings or to see an overview of FACS’ work!


A brochure to learn about the basics and work of FACS in Fairfax County.

Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions Resource Handbook

This handbook was created as a resource for FACS members. Here you’ll find a large range of resources to facilitate thoughtful discussion and action in your congregation and Green Team. Explore the links to find websites, articles, videos, and reports with more information. 

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Resources for Congregations

Green Team Resources

Starting a Green Team? Learn from these resources about structure, membership, event planning, spiritual resources and more. 

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Congregations can apply for grants with projects focused on watershed and energy conservation. More information can be found here.

Carbon Footprint Game

Play the Carbon Footprint Game at your place of worship. This is an easy way to get children and adults to discuss and take action on climate change! You can watch the informational video about how to implement it at your congregation. You can print these stickers.

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Energy Justice Workshop

Looking to host a hands on ever? Learn about our Energy Justice Workshop offered year round. 

Children’s Activities

Get children and youth involved in environmental initiatives with these ideas and activities. 



Solar for Your Congregation Webinar

Join FACS & Ipsun Solar for an overview of how make solar projects a reality at your congregation. This hour long webinar will teach participants the steps to coordinate a project. This is a great webinar for any interested congregations!

Go Green At Your Home Webinar 

An hour long webinar on purchasing green energy and solar panels for your home and matching grant opportunities with Fairfax County! Email if you would like copies of the PowerPoint presentations.  

Zero Waste Congregation

Watch a presentation from Rev. Stephanie Allen, about how to implement environmental initiatives into your congregation.

For more information on programs or resources please email Jackie at

Local Leaders

Cindy Wackerbath
Knox Presbyterian Church

Knox Presbyterian Church has transformed several areas into native and pollinator gardens.  The church is a designated Monarch Way Station, and church members have led the development of a community pollinator garden.  Cindy Wackerbath, a member of the church, is available to answer questions about resources for native and pollinator gardens. Email Cindy Wackerbath

Dan Ancona
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Springfield has installed a geothermal system. Dan Ancona, a member of the church, led its installation, and is available to answer questions about the process. Email Dan Ancona

Ed Sabo
St. John Neumann Catholic Parish

St. John Neumann Catholic Parish reduced its energy use by 28% over the course of one year. Ed Sabo, a member of the parish, is available to talk about how members and staff can work together to achieve energy efficiency. Email Ed Sabo

Lynn Alsmeyer-Johnson
Mount Vernon Unitarian Universalist Church

Mount Vernon Unitarian Universalist Church has installed a large solar panel array on its roof. Lynn Alsmeyer-Johnson, a member of the church, is available to answer questions. An excellent starting place for solar panel installation is IPL—DMV’s guide “Going Solar for Congregations”. Email Lynn Alsmeyer-Johnson

Local and National Organizations

Catholic Climate Covenant
Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life
Creation Justice Ministry
Evangelical Environmental Network
Green Muslims
Interfaith Power and Light—District, Maryland, Northern Virginia.

Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions works in close partnership with IPL—DMV. Interfaith Power and Light Website

National Religious Partnership for the Environment
The Bhumi Project
Unitarian Universalist Association Environmental Program