By: Kris Rosenthal

Some Questions About Living

We’ve just celebrated Earth Month, with expos and fairs, service projects, photo contributions and more. Many of us are putting in spring gardens, enjoying the fragrance of flowers and the music of the birds. Did that fulfill your appreciation of our life on this planet, or does it continue year round?

What does your faith call you to do, every day? How do we hold both the joy of the gifts that Earth gives us, AND manage the awareness that we’re reckless with those gifts? In loving sources of life on earth, we are loving ourselves, too. The more we care for the complex realities of air, earth, water, animals, and plants, the more we are showing our gratitude for creation. What if instead of endless material growth, which has been our economic quest for a long time, we cherished growth in “social capital” eg. opening our hearts to all our neighbors? What if we cherished growth in patience, wisdom, equanimity, and equitability? What if we tuned into what the creatures around us know about us? And put their interests equal to ours?

Dolphin asks for help from divers!

If this remarkable encounter brings you joy, imagine the joy you will feel when you help clear invasive plants from parks, or get rid of your turf and replace it with life-nurturing native plants. You, too, can help save life on earth. Get involved in our Tree of Life program, and find out what you can do.