Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

December Faith in Action

By: Kris Rosenthal

What rituals are restoring or nourishing you this holiday season? Do they connect you with people you love, with your history, with the future? I think of this time as one of “holding it all”: joy mixed with the sorrow of losses, the passing of our lives too quickly, all heightened by the sense of crisis and danger we all live with now. And then back again to the joy of connecting, of giving and delighting others, of music and light in the darkness. Is it “holding it all” or letting it all flow through us?

Participating in FACS has been, for me, joining in the light, sharing ways we can restore the quality of life for all beings on our lovely planet. I wish that blessing for you, as well. Whatever your spiritual path, I wish for you connection with life, and the impulse to create the conditions for continued life.