January 2017

Faith, Policy, and the Environment: Interview with Chairman Sharon Bulova

genlack-dev, January 27, 2017

Chairman Sharon Bulova is the current chairman of the Fairfax County board of Supervisors. First elected in 2009, Chairman Bulova has served the County of Fairfax for three terms, where she focuses on engaging and informing the community. Since 1966, Chairman Bulova and her husband have made Northern Virginia home, where they have four adult… Read more »

Will You Act?

genlack-dev, January 23, 2017

Now it is more important than ever to act. Read on to learn more about participating locally on a globally urgent issue. The front page of the Washington Post’s Sunday Metro section covered Fairfax County’s inaction on climate change. The story is here. It has interviews with Fairfax County supervisors and our own Eric Goplerud,… Read more »

Fairfax County, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change: What’s Up

genlack-dev, January 18, 2017

    There have been real, important successes on climate change in Fairfax County – and much still to be done.   Fairfax County Public Schools are stellar examples of committed leadership from School Board Chair Pat Hynes, staff champions Deputy Superintendent Jeff Plattenberg and the incomparable lead of Get2Green Elaine Tholen, and principals, buildings maintenance… Read more »

Success! January Newsletter

genlack-dev, January 11, 2017

Take Action Today The new nominee for the EPA, Scott Pruitt, falls short of being a moral candidate for this position. He denies the existence of climate change, and has sued the EPA to stop its rules on carbon pollution. Let’s change this conversation. Let’s talk about how our senators are going to vote on… Read more »