Inspiring and empowering the beloved community is at the heart of our work. Bringing FACS to your campus can help your members understand the science of climate change, reflect on its relationship with their faith, and commit to making changes that matter. It will also earn your community’s tree a leaf in the Tree of Life Program!

Workshops are interactive and may include a video, discussion, or hands-on activities. Featured workshops include:

  • Energy Justice Workshop: A one-hour hands-on workshop for faith communities that will teach participants about where energy comes from and how to confidently undertake energy upgrades in their homes.
  • Faith and Climate Talk: A one hour talk about the link of faith, the environment, and vulnerable populations affected by climate change. This talk is offered for all faiths and can be adapted for any community.
  • Advocacy Training Workshop: An adaptable session designed to educate about policy priorities, organize an effective advocacy team, and prepare you to make a difference in your community and beyond.
  • And many more!

Workshops are available for a variety of audiences and can be adapted to suit your community, goals, and faith tradition. Examples of recent customized workshops include the following:

  • a short film about Pope Francis, with discussion following
  • an interactive lesson for young adults about the effects of climate change and their call to mission
  • a presentation to members of a retirement community about local climate policies and how people of faith are leading the charge for change

Email if you are interested in a workshop! 

Workshops can be adapted to virtual webinar format. Check out our Resources Page for free recorded webinars.