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Volunteer Opportunities with FACS

jackie, April 7, 2019

Volunteer Opportunities 


Outreach Volunteer (various location): FACS is frequently invited to have a table or booth at events, fairs and festivals in the community. Outreach Volunteers represent FACS and answer questions at these tabling events. The volunteers are provided with the informational materials to set up at the table and with answers to FAQs. Tabling events generally last two to three hours and may be in the evening or on a weekend. This position allows for a flexible and on-call time commitment. Volunteers should be friendly, personable, and excited to share the work of FACS’ programs with the community. You can sign up for an event HERE or email jackie@faithforclimate.org to be contacted when events come up. 


Grant Support Volunteer: The FACS grant volunteer prepares and tasks volunteers to write grants for submission. Time demands are flexible but actual grant submissions require working on a deadline.  While some of the work is administrative, (Time commitment: varies.) Grant-related tasks include:

  • Reading through newsletters to identify grant opportunities
  • Researching grants 
  • Managing the grants calendar
  • Scheduling meetings, matching grants to programs, and finding precedent in earlier submitted grants
  • Assembling attachments to accompany the grant narrative


Volunteer a Special Skills: Have a special skill? We are looking for volunteers with a few spare hours a month who can help FACS with fundraising, legal, financial and social media backgrounds. If you are interested email meg@faithforclimate.org.


Faith Captain: A Faith Captain will work within their faith network to introduce lay leaders, congregations and individuals to FACS. The Faith Captain will represent FACS by promoting FACS’ mission, programs and advocacy to new congregations in Fairfax County. Click here for more information!