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Two Steps Forward… (February Newsletter)

andrea, February 14, 2017

In a time when there’s tension between justice and love, how do we fight the hatred without becoming one who hates?

Here on the local level, where neighbors have to look each other in the eye, there is still civility and respect . . . even among people who disagree.

Read on for good news and less-than-good news. Here’s to working in love and peace, together. By working together, we will stand up for creation and our vulnerable sisters and brothers..

Take Action Today

On February 28 at 4:45, Faith Alliance and our allies will be present en masse at a meeting of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. Our purpose is to urge the supervisors to establish an office dedicated to the transition to clean energy.

Your presence can make a difference. Please register here.  

Neighbors at Work

    • We’re proud to share our 2016 annual report with you. Inside, you’ll find an overview of our accomplishments and stories from the field. We warmly welcome your comments and ideas; please contact us to let us know what you’re thinking.
    • We’re grateful to have sparked a meeting between faith leaders and the office of Rep. Barbara Comstock, Republican from the 10th district. Comstock’s office was open to discussing ways to protect creation from climate change. Thanks to our friends at ADAMS Center, St. John Neumann Catholic Church, Accotink Unitarian-Universalist, St. Stephen’s UMC, and Interfaith Power and Light DMV for making this visit possible.
    • Interfaith Power and Light–DMV has created a Lenten carbon fast calendar, available here. It’s chock full of ways to protect creation during the season of Lent, a good resource for practicing Christians and a handy reflection guide for people of other faiths.
  • Fairfax County’s environmental vision, which sets priorities for the next 10 years, has a draft update. The biggest change is that its priorities now include climate change. Fairfax County officials recognized this omission in earlier versions and held community forums to get stakeholder feedback. Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions was the single largest source of resident input at the forums. Kudos to Fairfax County for its update, and job well done to all of the members of the Faith Alliance network.
  • However, the Environmental Vision’s climate change section is long on celebrating what has come before and short on vision for what comes next. Your contribution matters: please take 1 minute to respond to the county’s Environmental Vision survey.
  • Open the survey here. For question 14, comments on the climate and energy objectives, click “yes,” and write “Promoting and encouraging energy efficiency and conservation is a good start. I strongly urge you to plan, implement, maintain, and support programs to measure and reduce GHG emissions from the private sector.”
  • Our goal is 10 comments like this. Will you help us get there right now by completing the survey? Your comment will show officials that we care and are paying attention.  


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