Share your progress with FACS!

Let us know how your faith community is progressing and how we can help.




Sprouting Seed: Join the FACS Community




        Sapling: Trunk, branch, leaf





Small Tree: Trunk, branch, five or more leaves




Blossoming Tree: Trunk, branch, five or more leaves, two flowers




Tree of Life: Trunk, branch, five or more leaves, four flowers



Find your way with Tracks.

New: Net Zero Track- How to reduce Green House Gas Emissions in your place of worship.







Sprouting Seed: Join the FACS community. 


  • Designate a point of contact with FACS and join our community. Our shared values and dedication will help develop solutions to the climate crisis. 


Trunk: Form a Team


Branch: Create a Sustainability Plan


Branch: Survey your Green Team

  • Survey your Green Team members to see where energy exists for events, interests and environmental education. 




Leaf: Start a Project




Leaf: Invite FACS to your congregation 

  • Energy Justice Workshop – A one hour hands on workshop for congregations. This workshop teaches participants about where energy comes from and how to confidently undertake energy upgrades in their homes
  • Faith and Climate – A one hour talk about the link of faith, the environment and vulnerable populations affected by climate change. This talk is offered for all faiths and can be adapted for any congregation.




Leaf: Bring Climate into the Sermon




Leaf: Bring Climate into Religious Education Classes




Leaf: Attend a FACS event

  • Throughout the year FACS puts on a variety of events. You can see our events here. 
  • Our signature events include an Advocacy meeting in January, Showcase & Awards in June and our VA Climate Forum in September. 




Leaf: Follow FACS on Social Media 




Leaf: Sign Up for our Monthly Newsletter




Leaf: Watch a Video or Webinar





Flower: Become a designated Green Sanctuary (or equivalent)




Flower: Play the Carbon Footprint Game (or equivalent) 





Flower: Donate to help FACS continue our work




Flower: Join an Advocacy Team





Flower: Attend a Board of Supervisors Meeting

  • Be a faithful voice at a Board of Supervisors meeting. Contact us to be a speaker.