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Share your progress with FACS! Let us know how your faith community is progressing and how we can help. If you are undertaking a new project, upgrade, or event, send us details and pictures so that your action can be featured in our newsletter and serve as an inspiration to others.

Share your actions directly with your own network on social media! Feel free to download our Tree of Life Program Guide for more information and additional resources, such as our social media toolkit. Tag FACS in your social posts so that we can share them and extend your network.

Each of your actions will contribute to the growth stage of your Tree, from seed to sapling and finally to a Tree of Life. If you are ready, complete a survey covering actions your community may already have taken. This will determine the current stage of your Tree. When you send us updates on your progress, your Tree grows. It is our goal that every faith community will reach the Tree of Life stage as they engage with FACS and advance their commitment to caring for the earth. Here are the different stages of recognition and growth:


If your Green Team so chooses, you can designate an area of special focus by selecting a Track. While all actions taken contribute towards growing your Tree, some will also count towards your chosen Track, and you will receive additional support in this area. Upon reaching the Tree of Life stage, participants who have also completed a Track will be recognized for their targeted impact and are encouraged to plant a native fruit tree on their campus in partnership with FACS. Your community, having devoted time and energy to the Tree of Life program, will be able to watch—and taste—as your actions bear fruit.


Net Zero

Climate Justice

Zero Waste

Earth Steward

Branch off into a Track

Energy Audit + Strategic Plan

Energy Audit + Strategic Plan


Team Survey + Sustainability Plan

Team Survey + Sustainability Plan

Minimum Two Leaves In-Track

Host Faith & Climate Talk or Energy Justice Workshop 

Watch Solar Webinar

Plan Energy/Climate Sermon or Class


Energy Projects or Upgrades

Host Energy Justice Workshop or Advocacy Training

Plan Climate Justice Sermon or Class

Attend Advocacy Event or Climate Action Forum

Watch Zero Waste Webinar 

Host Advocacy Training

Recycling Project

Compost Project 

Plan Caring for Creation sermon or class

Teach Sustainable Eating, Healthy Foods, and Community Gardens Course or other Food, Wildlife, or Conservation Class

Habitat, Stormwater, or Garden Project 

Minimum One Flower In-Track

Take Net Zero Pledge

Join an Advocacy Team


Take Net Zero Pledge

Take Zero Waste Pledge


Join an Advocacy Team

Designated Green Sanctuary, LEED, or other sustainability certification