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About the Tree of Life Program

Tree of Life is a scaffolded eco-actions program for members of our Faith Community Network! It is also a creative and organic way to visualize the progress that your faith community is making on climate solutions and to share your journey with like-minded faith communities. For each action you take, your faith community is awarded a tree part, leaf, or flower. You will watch your Tree grow with good works, and when you reach enough actions, you will be designated as a Tree of Life faith community.


Tree of Life is designed for communities of all faiths existing at all levels of exploration and action in addressing the climate crisis. Even a small community can plant the seed of an effective climate action program using the FACS Tree of Life model. 

If your faith community has an existing sustainability, earth stewardship, creation care, or green sanctuary program, you will find it easy and rewarding to apply your actions to the Tree of Life model and continue building off of your impact.

Resources: FACS provides resources and structure for new and growing sustainability programs

Recognition: The Tree of Life page on our website and updates on our social media channels will recognize participating faith communities as they grow their Trees. This helps us connect with each other, inspire each other, and create a picture of our shared impact. Each June, those who have grown to the Tree of Life stage will be recognized at our Climate Showcase.

Connection: Tree of Life provides a standard way of tracking climate actions. This allows different faiths, different programs, and separate actions to have a common structure for sharing ideas and progress. The tools, resources, and events make it easier for faith communities to connect with each other.

Impact: The visualization of your growing Tree helps your faith community see their progress and inspires increased participation and opportunities for celebration. As more participants join the program, our shared impact is amplified and creates a forest of actions helping to reduce carbon, lower pollution, and educate our communities.

Everything from creating an energy efficiency plan to organizing recycling projects, conducting advocacy work to watching webinars.  FACS provides programs and support at all levels!

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How do I get started?

Register to designate a point of contact and join our Faith Community Network. By doing so, you sprout a seed that starts you on the path to a Tree of Life!

We will send you a survey to fill out with information about your current environmental stewardship activities. This will help us determine how many branches, leaves, and flowers you already have.

Ready to answer some questions about your faith community? Take the survey now!

What happens next?

Form a Green Team (or equivalent) if your community does not have one. Meet to come up with a sustainability plan and determine where energy exists for events, programs, and projects. Check out the Program Guide below or our Program Details page for more information about these steps! 

Email us if you would like to discuss forming a team, setting goals, or making a plan with a FACS representative. You will be connected to resources, experts, practical advice, and model faith communities.


Dig deeper into the Program Details.

Download the Program Guide to access resources and learn how to take action with your community.

Download the Tree of Life Flyer to share with your congregation and grow support.