Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

FACS in the Community: Reusables Talk at Ashby Ponds

On December 2, 2022, FACS’ Solid Waste and Recycling Team Lead Rick Galliher met with an environmental group at Ashby Ponds Senior Living Community in Ashburn, Virginia. The group was recently formed by FACS Reverend Jean Wright who is a cofounder of FACS and leads the FACS Loudoun Hub.

The discussion focused on the advantages of switching Ashby Ponds from single use plastic takeout food containers to reusable takeout containers and bags to reduce the use of plastic. This change not only helps the planet, but it saves similar communities millions of dollars in the process. 

Rick’s intent was to support the senior community residents in encouraging management to go green by offering a viable proven alternative that is easy to use and less expensive. Demonstrating a commitment to the environment can help attract new residents and save the community a significant amount of money. Rick reviewed the experience of a large senior community in Gaithersburg which  saved almost $1 million over a three-year period by switching to reusables. 

Rick has been invited back to Ashby Ponds next month to discuss beverage container deposits and the fight to get a Bottle Bill into law here in Virginia. He is President of the Virginia Bottle Bill Organization. Bottle bill states successfully make new bottles from recycled glass and plastic bottles, which isn’t possible in states with curbside recycling. A bottle bill would also add nearly 1,000 jobs to the Virginia economy without requiring taxpayer money.

Rick is available to meet with other senior communities about switching to reusables and  the value of a Bottle Bill. For more information, contact Rick at Rick serves as the Board Treasurer of the Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions.