For too long, communities of color in Virginia have borne a disproportionate burden of pollution.

Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions joins with Interfaith Power and Light to celebrate passage of the Virginia Environmental Justice Act and to call for continued protections at every level of government for #everyneighbor. The importance of environmental justice has become painfully clear as we witness the increased death and suffering from Covid-19 of those who live in communities of color and are exposed to higher levels of toxic air and other pollutants.

This is not the time to reduce environmental protections under cover of economic hardship- but rather the time to increase our commitment to clean air, water and healthy communities- to save lives.  Make your voice heard for environmental justice.

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Thank you tweets to Virginia Legislators.

This spring, after years of grassroots work led by these communities, Delegates Mark Keam (Fairfax County) and Charniele Herring (Fairfax and Alexandria) helped advance environmental justice for #everyneighbor in Virginia by passing two bills that ensure community voices are heard in environmental decision-making, while also generating ongoing recommendations to the governor as to how to protect vulnerable communities from pollution.Share your photo on social media, thanking our leaders, like Delegates Keam and Herring, for being champions for environmental justice, insisting that Virginia’s decision-makers consider #everyneighbor.

Send them a tweet! Del.s Keam (@MarkKeam) and Herring (@C_Herring)

Sample tweets:

Thank you Del.s @C_Herring and @MarkKeam for caring for #everyneighbor by championing a permanent VA Council on Environmental Justice! As we’re learning how air pollution has made communities of color more vulnerable to Covid-19, we know this work is as important as ever.

This spring, we celebrate two VA leaders in environmental justice! Thanks to Del.s @C_Herring and @MarkKeam for championing a permanent VA Council on EJ. This crisis has reiterated how important it is for #everyneighbor to have clean air.

Those breathing an unfair share of pollution get much sicker if they contract Covid-19—one reason communities of color have been harder hit. Gratitude to Del.s @C_Herring + @MarkKeam for making the VA Council on Environmental Justice permanent to better care for #everyneighbor


Tell the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to protect #everyneighbor.

In Fairfax County, the Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions is working to educate the Board of Supervisors about the connections between affordable housing and energy efficiency, environmental justice, and Covid-19. As Fairfax considers its budget for 2021, there are hard decisions to be made. But if we are truly to care for #everyneighbor, the very idea behind #OneFairfax, Fairfax must protect programs that promote healthy, efficient and affordable housing. Improving the energy efficiency of our buildings, especially those of our low-income neighbors is a crucial way we can both care for our communities in this crisis, and help limit the damage of future crises.

Fairfax Board of Supervisors twitter tags

Chairman, At-Large – Jeffrey C. McKay @JeffreyCMcKay
Vice Chairman, Mason – Penelope A. Gross @SullySupervisor
Braddock – James R. Walkinshaw @JRWalkinshaw
Dranesville – John W. Foust @DranesvilleSup
Hunter Mill – Walter L. Alcorn @walteralcornffx
Lee – Rodney L. Lusk @SupervisorLusk
Mount Vernon – Daniel G. Storck @DanStorck
Providence – Dalia A. Palchik @SupvPalchik
Springfield – Pat Herrity @PatHerrity
Sully – Kathy L. Smith @SullySupervisor

Sample tweets:

Now more than ever, we are called to care for #everyneighbor. @[tag legislator], will you commit to protecting energy efficiency programs that improve health and help make housing?️more affordable? #OneFairfax

Those breathing an unfair share of pollution get much sicker if they contract Covid-19—one reason communities of color have been harder hit. @[tag legislator], will you commit to protecting energy efficiency programs?that improve health + care for #everyneighbor? #OneFairfax