A Prayer for Election Day

natalie, November 3, 2020


As a community of interfaith people who care about creation and believe that climate action is a nonpartisan issue, we offer a prayer today, Election Day, when our country seems more divided and ever and tensions are high. We hope that holding our country in the light, as the Quakers say, will promote unity and collaboration in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. 

A Prayer of Intercession – A Prayer of Blessing

Prayer adapted from the Buddhist Prayer of Loving-Kindness
Election Day, November 3, 2020
Rev. Dr. Jean Wright, Co-Chair, Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

This prayer is one of intercession or of blessing, depending upon your intention. You may read it aloud or silently. The prayer may serve as a meditation or visualization using an individual stanza of your choice or the entire prayer. You may use it as a walking meditation. If you walk the labyrinth as a spiritual practice, you could use it in whole or, again, you may use an individual stanza. Local labyrinths include Unity of Fairfax, Judy Lowe neighborhood park in Del Ray, Little River United Church of Christ in Annandale, and the outdoor labyrinth at Burke Presbyterian Church.

May this prayer be a source of comfort, solace, and enlivenment for you.


Compassionate One,
May our nation be full of kindness and compassion,
Free of all violence and suffering.
May our nation be made whole,
Free from brokenness and fragmentation.
May our nation be at peace. May our nation be joyful.


May those at every level of governance be filled with wisdom and knowledge.
From the family room to the boardroom; from the mayor to the President,
May all be free from suffering. May all be well.
May all be full of kindness and compassion.
May all be at peace. May all be joyful.


May the Earth be fruitful, may her waters be pure.
May her air be breathable; May “I can’t breathe” never, again, be uttered.
May Earth be free of degradation and suffering. May Earth be healed.
May all Earth life, visible and invisible, be called sister, brother, mother, father.
May all, both visible and invisible, be at peace. May all be joyful.


May justice be balanced with compassion and mercy,
May every injustice be made right. May fairness and equity free all from suffering.
In forgiveness may relationships be mended.
May all know peace. May all be joyful.
May freedom ring.


May all be filled with compassion and kindness.
May all be free from sorrow and sadness.
May that which is broken, be made whole.
Where there is war, may there be peace.
Where there are tears, may there be joy.