Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

Plastic Free in Your Congregation

genlack-dev, October 15, 2018

It’s not too late to participate in the #PlasticFreeChallenge!


Below are a few ideas for your place of worship this October. 


Have a coffee talk after your service? Try eliminating plastic plates, cups, and silverware one week! Create a sign about why you’re doing this to educate members of your congregation.


Create a designated recycling spot in your place of worship with facts about recycling and creation care! Read how Food For Others created a recycling area with the help of FACS (October Newsletter, Partner Spotlight).


Ask a religious leader to lead a prayer about creation care during a service! We suggest this prayer about climate action.


Ask that the next meals served at your place of worship use pitchers of water and reusable cups instead of single use plastic water bottles.


Work with a youth group or craft group to sew reusable bags for members of your congregation and pass them out after a service!


These are just a few ideas about how to get your congregation involved this October! Want more ideas? Email