Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

Partner Spotlight – Food for Others

genlack-dev, October 18, 2018

Food for Others is a food distribution nonprofit in Northern Virginia with a variety of programs for low-income families. Approximately 600 families are served each day, Monday – Friday. Food for Others has nine employees but relies heavily on volunteers to help run their programs. In a step towards sustainability, Food for Others is taking the Plastic Free Fairfax Challenge this October and is encouraging its staff and volunteers to ditch single use plastics at their warehouse. Grace Plihal, an AmeriCorps VISTA, noted that a big culprit in the office was single use plastic water bottles. An email was sent out to the Food for Others volunteer list encouraging them to bring reusable water bottles and introducing them to the Plastic Free Fairfax Challenge. Food for Others also spruced up their recycling area, made it clear what can and can’t be recycled, and most importantly highlighted how collective recycling efforts of staff and volunteers can make a large difference.

Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions helped Food for Others brainstorm ideas to take part in the challenge. Does your congregation want to take part in the challenge but doesn’t know where to start? Send an email to to talk through ways for your congregation to get involved. Click here for more information about the Plastic Free Fairfax Challenge.