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Did You Know…

…that Monarch butterflies are currently making their stop over in Virginia on the way to Mexico to overwinter?

…that the butterflies use sensors on the ends of their antennae to smell and that they feed through a paired tube called a proboscis, which is located between the butterflies’ eyes?

…that they communicate with each other through the release of chemicals called pheromones and some communicate with sound?

…that their wings are covered with tiny scales, and we should avoid touching their wings because the powdery substance that runs off is actually the scales?

…that many butterflies including the Monarch are selective of the plants where they lie their eggs and complete their four life cycles (egg, larvae, pupa, adult) to reach adulthood? Specifically, the Monarchs do so on the Asclepius varieties that have a poisonous toxin that the butterflies store in their bodies and then becomes a defense mechanism?

…that adult Monarchs feed on the nectar of flower?

…that the generation that goes from Virginia to Mexico lives up to nine months compared to the earlier generations that last between two and five weeks?

…that the migration moves at a pace of 25-30 miles per day and that last between 2-2.5 months?

…that Monarch Butterflies were placed on the endangered species list?

Want to help? Support this incredible species by planting milkweed and native nectar plants in your gardens!