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A Special Month

By Jo Doumbia

As we enter the month to celebrate Mother Earth and as people of faith, who from our moral set of values, inspire many people to create a more just and healthy world we ought to continue playing a vital role in addressing the causes and consequences of climate change.

By creating awareness and understanding, by educating program and policy leadership figures, by reducing pollution and installing clean energy systems at our congregations and homes, and through community outreach, we can lead by example and help prepare our faith congregations for climate impacts.

Things we can start or continue be doing include:

  • Help institutionalize climate in our congregation, link climate to our tradition’s core values, infuse climate concerns and solutions in activities with youth, disaster relief, social,work, etc.
  • Increase our knowledge about climate impacts and solutions, in other works maintaining up to date our climate literacy. Support climate education, within our congregation, at all levels.
  • Help create, support our congregation “green team” to find ways to implement climate solutions and reduce pollution. Look for ways to reduce energy consumption and resources in general; care for the natural environment; instill education and sustainable practices within our congregation leaders, members, youth, and children; encourage active transportation, what about using more bikes; etc.
  • Learn from our faith congregations network by sharing successes, ideas, and best practices. Submit articles to news outlets, write blogs on faith and climate.
  • Support collective action. Collaborate with others on outreach efforts to divest from fossil fuels and invest in clean energy and help influence policy decisions.

What do you think, not bad for a month of action, isn’t it.