By: Jo Doumbia

It feels like it was yesterday when we were preparing for the winter months! And now we are having bees buzzing, daffodils blooming and native ephemerals sprouting. Spring is then officially upon us!

It is then time to go outside and ground ourselves into Mother Earth and open the windows and allow fresh air into our spaces.

But it is also time to mark the 53rd anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement which is commemorated annually as Earth Day. Since 1970, billions of individuals from more than 190 countries worldwide have come together every April 22nd to take action towards a greener and more equitable future for our planet. As the countdown to Earth Day 2023 continues, it is important to remember that regardless of where you are or what you do, you have the power to yield real change and be a champion for Earth. To protect our planet, we must invest in it.

This year’s theme is “Invest in Our Planet”, which highlights the importance of dedicating our time, resources, and energy to solving the climate disruption. Here are suggested ways, among many others, with whose you can actively participate in this 2023 Earth Day:

  • Plant trees or a native plants pollinator garden and/or attend a local tree planting event. Pollination is essential for all terrestrial life on Earth and trees are one of the most powerful tools to combat our current climate disruption.
  • Reduce your plastic consumption. Plastic pollution is one of the key environmental problems we face in today’s world. On Earth Day, make a plan to reduce your plastic consumption. Consider using the EARTHDAY.ORG’s plastic calculator.
  • Participate in advocacy. Educate yourself about the science behind climate change. Send a letter to your local elected officials and/or speak up at your next town hall meeting.
  • Make sustainable fashion choices. Learn about the detrimental impacts of fast fashion, the importance of sustainable fashion, and commit to responsible consumption.
  • Start your own Earth Day event! Whether it be a community cleanup, an invasive plants removal in a nearby park, teach-in activities to educate about the importance of environmental action, environmental art related activities, form community sustainability committees, etc.
  • Discuss with others about the spiritual call to protect nature on or near Earth Day, April 22.
  • Commit to make sustainable improvements to your house or house of worship by saving energy and water, using recyclable materials, avoiding food waste, etc.
  • Donate. Donate to tree planting campaigns to help reforestation efforts across the world or to campaigns supporting the environmental movement. You are not only making a difference, you’re empowering change and mobilizing individuals to take part in building a better world for generations to come.

No matter what your Earth Day actions, FACS would love your pictures.

FACS would like to get three pictures or less depicting your most representative Earth Day actions. We will select the best among those submitted, highlight them in the FACS Sustainability Award event in June, and provide sustainable prizes.