Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

March 2022 Fairfax County Hub Updates

County Advocacy Teams Are Meeting with the Board of Supervisors

Over the past two years, Fairfax County has made significant progress in addressing areas of our concern. But now the hard work begins to reduce greenhouse gas pollution at the scale and pace that the climate crisis demands.

FACS activists are meeting now with the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to discuss our priorities. A few of them are:

  • a carbon-free transit fleet well-before 2035 and a regional clean slate look at the whole transit system 
  • increasing the tree canopy to 60% while conserving our existing healthy tree canopy, and 
  • incentivizing developers, using current state law, to improve building energy efficiency that’s better than statewide code. 

FACS teams are respected by elected officials for thorough research, understanding of science, and our moral foundation. Interested in finding out how you can become involved? Email Kris Rosenthal today at

New Fairfax County Public Schools Zero Carbon Team Launched

Climate change is an existential threat to students in our schools. Now a new team of FACS activists have stepped forward to engage with Fairfax County Public School Board members and push them to fulfill commitments and advance in new ways.  

As candidates for the new Superintendent of Schools will be interviewed in March, first up for the team are communications to school board members asking that the vetting process include a request that each candidate commit to implementing the following initiatives: 

  • solar on schools
  • rapid conversion to an electric school bus fleet
  • implementing net zero initiatives for new construction and major renovations
  • continued energy efficiency improvements to the existing school buildings
  • moving toward zero waste, and 
  • developing workforce training plans to help prepare our next generation of workers for environmental jobs. 

Want to learn more or join the FACS-FCPS team? Send an email to Scott Peterson at