Lewinsville Presbyterian Church

meg, April 4, 2019
Lewinsville Presbyterian Church (LPC) in McLean VA was recently certified by Presbyterian Church (USA) as an Earth Care Congregation. This honor speaks to the great commitment that Lewinsville Presbyterian Church has to caring for God’s earth.
To become an Earth Care Congregation, LPC affirmed an Earth Care Pledge to
integrate environmental practices and thinking into all facets of its church life and
completed projects and activities in the areas of worship, education, facilities, and
outreach. Some of the earth-care related actions the church has taken to achieve this
designation include:
 Energy assessment of its facility and implementation of many of the resulting
recommendations regarding more efficient windows, lighting, heating/cooling;
 Use of Eco-Palms for Palm Sunday;
 Communion by intinction, reducing waste;
 An earth care-focused Lenten devotional discipline;
 Fair Trade coffee served at church gatherings;
 Electronic distribution of monthly Newsletter;
 Recycling;
 Fair Trade and Alternative gifts fair;
 Earth care topics included in Christian education program;
 Used items collected and donated for reuse in social justice projects; and
 Service projects related to earth care included in mission outreach (e.g., grounds
care efforts at Westgate Elementary School and the Lewinsville Retirement
“Becoming an Earth Care Congregation formalizes our commitment to earth care and
will help us continue on this path, being mindful of God’s creation in every decision we
make and action we take” stated the leaders of LPC’s earth care team. The program
requires re-certification annually. Efforts are underway at LPC to expand earth care
actions in the four areas specified by the program.