Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

February 2022 Fairfax County Hub Updates

Kris Rosenthal is our new Fairfax hub leader.

Kris has been a key activist in building the climate action team over the last three years at Mount Vernon Unitarian Church in Alexandria and will continue to lead the FACS Mount Vernon District Team. A proven leader, Kris reactivated the citizens advocacy board for the Mt. Vernon Mental Health Center and ran the board for seven years.  

Scott Peterson’s role as board advocacy chair will transition to advisor and mentor to all FACS hubs, as we continue to build our strength and influence region-wide. He will also continue to lead our statewide advocacy activities.

Kris is meeting with all of the Advocacy and Issue Team Leads now to keep the work rolling!

Fairfax Advocacy Team Leaders are scheduling meetings with their supervisors to talk about why it’s time to act on specific climate initiatives. Want to learn more about a FACS Advocacy team in your district and get involved? Click on this link and or send Kris an email to

Welcome Kris!

Bob Jordan Speaks at 2023 Fairfax County Public Schools Operating Budget Meeting in Favor of a New Carbon Reduction Office

Jordan expressed our support of a recent FCPS staff recommendation for a new Office of Carbon Neutral Implementation, Performance, and Accountability. The staff’s proposal was that the office would undertake a new program of school renovations to meet the Joint Environmental Task force’s Net Zero targets. But Jordan expressed our hope that the office would also oversee the school district’s Solar on Schools, electric school bus conversion, and Zero Waste initiatives. Funding should be provided in the FY 2023 budget.

FACS is dismayed at the lack of progress in the implementation of the Power Purchase Agreements for Solar on Schools.  We urge FCPS to look for additional mechanisms to expand and accelerate the Solar on Schools program. The budget should fund additional staff as needed to quickly expand the Solar on Schools program. Kids love solar!

FCPS will have 18 battery electric school buses operational by the end of 2022 — and that’s good. But conversion of the 1600+ buses in the FCPS fleet to electric buses by 2035 is a massive and complex effort that requires detailed planning and a wide range of expertise.

We endorse FCPS’ Office of Transportation Services’ request for an additional position to oversee the transition to electric school buses.  The position must be at a senior level and filled by someone with expertise in conversion of school bus fleets to electric. 

Jordan also urged that funding be provided a full-time zero waste coordinator position. FACS also recommends that a modest funding amount be provided for stipends or incentives for the implementation of waste reduction efforts in every school in the FCPS system.

Want to join the FACS-FCPS advocacy team? Send an email to and let us know!

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