November Faith in Action

By: Kris Rosenthal

Dream Big! Dream Deeply!

When you think about the future, maybe 3 or 7 generations out, how do you think the world will have changed? How will we grow food, move around, work, heat or cool our homes? Will we have learned to live peacefully with each other?

What sort of world would you like to see in 60 or 200 years? The human world has changed so quickly in 200 years, and altered the natural world even more. Dream a little: what are the best possible ways humans could organize themselves to provide enough for all, clean water and air, healthy food, spiritual nourishment, community, wisdom? Do you want a world where all children are safe, cared for and treasured? We build and create what we make first in our minds: so put some heart and mind work in. Then: what is happening already that might make that possible? What are you and your community doing to shape the world these ways?

Project Drawdown can give you and your friends some ways to think about what you might change. Explore! If you’d like to think about your own household first, here’s a great resource. From the web-site:

“Indeed, the Drawdown Solutions analysis reveals that individual and household actions have the potential to produce roughly 25–30 percent of the total emissions reductions needed to avoid dangerous climate change (> 1.5°C rise).”

Nourishing Our Own Resilience continues on November 5 and December 3 at 4 p.m., on line, and free.

We’ll be exploring our wishes for the future in the November session. Please email if you’d like to join the conversation.