Witnessing and service are two tenets most faiths hold. And those can be fun! FACS has had tables at EIGHTEEN events so far this year, and the summer is just getting started! If you like to meet people, join us! We’ll show you how. I love telling people about the solutions we already have: for instance, Share Table efforts at FCPS schools. Recovering delicious food and giving it to hungry kids or a food bank feels good, and makes sense. Contact DMHardbower@fcps.edu to get started. And here’s our link to details

This program started with one of our volunteers, Suzanne, and now is supported county-wide. What we do matters, and has impact.

Spring has been mixed for me. I rejoice in the re-greening of the world, the vibrant flowers, all the birds who carry on with their lives. At the same time, I hold grief for what is endangered, and the people who are already suffering from heat stress or tornado destruction. We don’t report on all the animals and plants impacted, yet a moment’s imagination alerts us to their pain. Continuing to do the work, with others, of healing the world, gives me comfort. I hope you find your path to being part of the healing, too.