Faith in Action

By: Kris Rosenthal 

What gives YOU hope? Or the courage to face down Business as Usual to heal the planet and our civilization, while we hear daily about the threats to on-going survival? Maybe as I sometimes do, you ping-pong between despair and commitment, between avoidance and anger or distraction. How can we help each other stay steady, enjoy the life we’ve been given, and make the needed changes?

The Board of FACS recently had an afternoon retreat, and we each offered our story of coming to this work, and what FACS means to us. I found myself blurting out, “I NEED FACS!” Beyond all reasons about the needs of the world, I personally need to give my heart and dedication to a group that is helping to create change. The urge to cooperate, co-create and care for each other is at the heart of FACS, as well as religious and civic life. When you feel despair or distraction setting in, I encourage you to bring in your community, religious or civic, and work together to make change. The faith part: we don’t know the results as we pull together, but we know that it’s worth it.

Do some dreaming; be bold! What will change as we see each other as treasure, not competitors; when we trust that we can take care of others, because we also will be cared for? Dream out loud with your family, congregation, friends: what thriving world shall we imagine and build together?