Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

Faith in Action

By: Kris Rosenthal 

This is the coolest decade our children may ever experience. That’s a startling and immediate idea, isn’t it? A heat dome has squashed the south of the US for over a month, with no end in sight. Around the globe, this summer is bringing deadly heat. Despite our creation care efforts, we’re all going to get hotter. Until we stop carbon emissions, we’re baking our children’s futures.

One of the glorious things about experiencing community, whether in a faith community, our neighborhood, school or the pool, is that we know ourselves to be together, a collective; reshaping how we ALL live needs collective action, along with individual changes. That’s one of the things I love about FACS: we are all in this together, to create a post-carbon, thriving world.

So if you mourn what we are losing, know it’s because you love this world, and the futures of your children or grandchildren. And from that sorrow and love, join with us. FACS makes a difference in how our governments create cooler paths, and with all the faith communities that want to cut their carbon use.