Nourishing Our Own Resilience in the Face of Climate Anxiety

By: Kris Rosenthal 

Do you sometimes feel whipsawed, as I do, between gratitude for good events, such as the Held vs Montana ruling that the youth won, and anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act funding for the climate, and anger, sorrow or anxiety while breathing wild-fire smoke or mourning the people of Lahainia?

How are we to keep our faith in the future and keep our current well-being strong during these times of great shifts?

This isn’t the first time humanity has faced monumental uncertainty and peril, and I think what we’ve learned is: you can’t face this alone. It’s too big. So I’m offering some guided conversations this fall, once a month for an hour.

I will draw on a few resources. One is Active Hope: (revised) How to Face the Mess We’re in with Resilience and Creative Power, by Joanna Macy and Christopher Johnstone. And, Not Too Late: Changing the Climate Story from Despair to Possiblity, by Rebecca Solnit.

The first one will be on Tuesday September 26th, 7:30 pm. To get the link, please contact me at