Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions (FACS) knows that climate change effects are felt locally and that decisions made at the local level impact climate policies. Our annual Sustainability Champions Awards highlight individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions towards FACS' mission of creating moral and equitable solutions to climate change in Northern Virginia. Nominations are received from the local community, and winners are chosen by a committee composed of FACS leadership and prior award winners.

2024 – Power the Future Award Recipients

Local Business: Trace – Mala Persaud

Local Business

Mala Persaud, Trace – The Zero Waste Store

2024 SCA Award Winner Secure Solar Futures - Anthony Smith, PhD

Local Business

Dr. Anthony Smith, Secure Solar Futures

2024 SCA Award Winner Fairlington United Methodist Church

Faith Community

Fairlington United Methodist Church

Local Elected Official: Matt de Ferranti

Local Elected Official

Matt de Ferranti

Individual: Friends of Riverbend Park

Community Group

Friends of Riverbend Park

Individual: Jennifer Pradas


Jennifer Pradas

Individual – Youth: Arlington Students for Climate Action

Individual – Youth

Arlington Students for Climate Action

Past Award Recipients