Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions (FACS) Sustainability Champions Awards celebrate and recognize the contributions of individuals, congregations, businesses and local elected officials/public sector employees in Northern Virginia. These individuals and organizations work tirelessly toward improving the environment; contributing to a healthy, livable climate, in our community! Nominations will be accepted in these four categories: individual, congregation, local business, and local elected official/public sector employees. Please take the time to nominate those who deserves to be celebrated by submitting a nomination form before the May 18th deadline. Awards will be presented during the June 10th, 2018 FACS Awards and Showcase Event at 3:00 p.m.



Nominees will:

  • Exemplify FACS’ mission, goals and overall strategy, as demonstrated through their actions, which may be a specific service, accomplishment or a steady commitment over a period of time
  • Lead by example, and serve as a model for others through a willingness to share
  • Fall into one of the four award categories:


  • Individual


The Individual award recognizes the efforts and contributions of a FACS member to advocate, lead projects, spread awareness, and be a steward of the environment.


  • Congregation


The Congregation award recognizes the collective efforts and contributions of a congregation to advocate, host events, spread awareness, and be stewards of the environment.


  • Local business


The local business award recognizes a business based and/or with a presence in the Northern Virginia community that is a leader in sustainability efforts.


  • Local elected official/public sector employee


The local elected official/county employee award recognizes the efforts of an

elected official representing Northern Virginia or a public sector employee that

champion sustainability efforts in their community.


Submission Requirements

  • Nominator must notify the nominee(s) of their nomination. It is permissible to nominate oneself and/or one’s congregation or business
  • Separate forms must be submitted for each nomination.
  • Include a statement of up to two pages in length describing the contribution, with details of the nominee’s role and the extent to which the contribution has benefitted FACS
  • Optional: submit supporting attachments, such as testimonials, news articles, photographs, bios, etc. Please limit to no more than three.


The awards are reviewed and administered by the FACS Awards and Showcase planning committee, with support from the FACS board and staff. The nomination form and all supplemental materials must be received by May 18th, 2018. Materials may be submitted electronically to or by mail to: Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions, P.O. Box 2012, Reston, VA 20195.


Award Nomination Form

2018 Sustainability Champions Awards Nomination Form