Fairfax Hub Updates – November 2022

Healthy Planet, Healthy Families. It’s clear we need breathable air, clean water, fresh food, and nature we can reach to be healthy. In our extractive society, how can we do that? To live in reciprocity with the gifts of nature, what do we give back?

How can we repay trees for the oxygen, shelter and wood they give us? How do we honor the rhythms of the biosphere when we live insulated from the weather and from growing our own food; when we travel so fast everyday that we don’t pause to see the sky or the leaves changing? We often expect our bodies to be like machines, not needing rest or pleasure, and also treat the living world as only a “resource” of our use, not a living entity worthy of care, exchange and reciprocity. For the planet to be healthy, we need to be with it.

In our Fairfax Hub meeting in October, I read this aloud, from Earth Prayers, from around the world.

Step out onto the Planet

Draw a circle a hundred feet round.

Inside the circle are

300 things nobody understands, and, maybe

Nobody’s ever seen.

How many can you find?

By Lew Welch.

We shared our stories of a moment of amazement we’d had: seeing something we’d never noticed before: Hen of the Woods mushrooms, which popped up overnight. Tiny frogs newly born. Wonder about the hundreds of unseen life forms on an oak tree. 

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