Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

Fairfax Hub Updates – December 2022

Both in the seasons of celebration and thanksgiving and in daily life, sometimes I like to trace the route of good things which come to me. For instance, how did the sweet potatoes or roasted turkey on my table get there? Imagining that path, I mentally thank the grocery stockers, the truckers, the people who sorted or cleaned my food after its growth, then the farmers who grew it. And how did the farmers (in which country?) grow my spuds or bird? Only because there is sunshine, free of charge, enough water, good soil courtesy of nature. Because life is designed to create more life. Because plankton and trees and grasses through the ages created oxygen, because something sparked life millions of years ago. I thank all those beings, and the Creation, and let myself feel it. When I’m done, I am connected to the sacredness of life on Earth, and all the unseen hands which have fed me.

When we realize our interconnectedness with all of life, how does that change us? For me, I feel humbled, grateful, cared-for, and determined to nurture a planet where all life thrives. Try it and see what happens for you, and let me know!