Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

Fairfax County Government Must Move Quickly on Climate Action

The clock is ticking to meet the 2030 50% Greenhouse Gas reduction goal in the Community-wide Climate and Energy Action Plan. The Plan includes three benchmark goals:

  • By 2030, Fairfax County will reduce GHG emissions by 50% from a 2005 base year.
  • By 2040, Fairfax County will reduce GHG emissions by 75% from the 2005 base year.
  • By 2050, Fairfax County will achieve carbon neutrality with at least an 87% reduction in GHG from the 2005 base year.

FACS made recommendations to focus on immediate priorities and achieve the goals that are fast approaching (2030 is only nine years away!).

Eric Goplerud, board chair of FACS, provided testimony at the September 14 Board meeting in which he briefly outlined FACS’ recommendations and urged the County to make climate solutions a “Code Red” priority. Watch his testimony and view his slides.