Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

FACS Apologizes for Errors

Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions is committed to science-based, ethical, and moral climate advocacy. Recently, we did not meet our high standards for accuracy in analysis of air pollution emitted by the Covanta Fairfax trash incinerator. Initial analysis by FACS Board Chair, Eric Goplerud, of the components of air pollution produced by the Covanta plant and by other Covanta incinerators internationally contained errors that were both minor and major. Those errors overstated Covanta’s emissions of toxic pollutants and were used in public statements by FACS Advocacy Chair Scott Peterson at a CECAP taskforce meeting and by other FACS activists. We apologize for those errors.

A revised analysis of Covanta pollution, undertaken in consultation with two outside experts, is not yet complete. The fact remains that according to EPA data the Covanta Fairfax incinerator is the biggest single source of CO2 emissions in the County.

We look forward to working with Covanta, government officials, and the community to reduce carbon pollution for the benefit of all living in Fairfax County and the region.