Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

Energy Activity for Children

andrea, October 8, 2018

Looking for an activity to teach younger children about energy use? Adapt this simple lesson plan for your place of worship. Also, check out the FACS Handbook for more information and ideas about energy!



There are two types of energy, renewable and non-renewable. Can you guess the sources of renewable energy? Renewable energy includes wind, solar (sun), hydropower (water) and geothermal (hot water or steam in the earth).


Do you think these are good or bad for the environment? They are good because they don’t require humans to take anything from the environment or put anything into the air or water!


Can you guess examples of non-renewable energy? Non-renewable energy includes coal, oil, and natural gas.


Do you think these are good or bad for the environment? They are bad because they take things from the earth through mining and drilling. They disrupt the earth and put pollution into the air. 

All of these energy sources, renewable and non-renewable, are converted into electricity by a company and cost a fee for use, such as air conditioning for your place of worship.


Can you think of ways you use energy in your day to day life? List 5 examples. (Dishwasher, mowing the grass, car, lights, computers, phones) We need energy to do every day things, but we can choose which kind of energy we use and how much we use!


Can you think of ways to reduce your energy? List 5 examples.


Turn down thermostat in the winter

Install LED lights – these use less electricity

Use power strips – this way you can turn off multiple devices at once

Don’t heat/cool unoccupied rooms

Take showers, shorter showers – baths use more water than showers

Install/pull down window blinds – keep rooms cooler by using blinds

Turn off lights – if you leave a room turn off the lights

Turn off TV

Turn off computer

Unplug chargers – although not charging anything they still use small amounts of electricity while not in use, this is called vampire energy!


Activity: Color a light switch reminding people to turn off the lights. Have children draw on them and then tape them to light switches in your place of worship or at home!

Materials: Trace a light switch cover and make copies of it via a scanner. Cut out the light switches with scissors.