December, the Month of Giving

meg, December 8, 2016

It’s hard to say what will happen to our country in January. Federal action on climate change may well be paused, at a critical time when we’re reaching a global tipping point on carbon pollution.

But you can count on one thing: we’re pushing forward in Northern Virginia. Now more than ever, local action matters. Local climate action is powerful and possible. Local climate action is here to stay.

That’s why, in the spirit of progress and persistence, the Faith Alliance is announcing a campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Fairfax County.

We’re building on an existing policy that has yet to be implemented. In 2007, Fairfax County made a public pledge to cut its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. It made this announcement with a big splash in the Washington Post and at a national meeting of counties. It touts the pledge on its website.

Unfortunately, the county hasn’t lived up to its hype. Emissions haven’t shrunk. They’ve grown. Greenhouse gas emissions in Fairfax County are 50% greater than those in the state of Vermont.

This has immediate local impacts. We’re contributing to the climate change that increases asthma and respiratory diseases, keeping Fairfax kids out of school. We’re contributing to the sea-level rise that threatens homeowners from Alexandria to Huntington.
We can fix this. There are 800 places of worship in Fairfax County alone. We are active, organized, and powerful–we can move Fairfax County to live up to its promise.

The Faith Alliance speaks at committee meetings. We meet with supervisors. We inform constituent groups. We encourage local media. We have a moral message. And we are mobilized.

Our work matters now more than ever.

But it comes at a price: $7,500. That’s how much it will cost to fund this work over the next year.

You’re our hope. Big grantors aren’t interested in local-level change. County business interests are aligned against climate progress. Your contribution toward our $7,500 goal is urgently needed.

We hope to have $7,500 in hand by December 31 to plan for the year ahead. Are you able to donate–perhaps $75? Please give here.

Your contribution is essential to success. Our staff is small. Our budget is tiny. Your gift will have an outsized impact on reducing carbon pollution–progress you can see, right here at home.

Please give. Thank you.