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Contact your representative now to secure Virginia’s clean energy future!

meg, January 30, 2018

We have an opportunity as a faith community to reach out to our state legislators to support the many bills in the Virginia legislature during this General Assembly 2018 Session that remove barriers to customer-owned solar, including local government-owned solar.

These bills will lay the foundation for VA to move towards a 100% renewable energy economy eventually. Aside from the environmental & climate imperative, these will lead to economic growth and job creation in VA. A booming VA economy will increase the tax revenue base that we need to fund public services such as schools, healthcare, mass transit, and more.

Tell your state legislators you want these important bills that promote residential solar, community solar and strong mandates for solar and wind in our state. We’ve provided a sample letter you may use, which includes some background information on the bills as well. Need help finding your legislator? Click here.

Act now!