Last Tuesday, November 17, at the Prince William County Board of Supervisors meeting, the agenda called for them to vote on their very first climate resolution goals! Many were there to speak in favor of the resolution including our very own Community Organizer, Sashia Scott. The resolution includes the following:

  • An endorsement of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government goal of 50% greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2030.
  • Setting goals of 100% of Prince William County’s electricity to be from renewable sources by 2035.
  • Setting goals for Prince William County Government operations to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2030 and to be 100% carbon neutral by 2050.
  • A recommendation for the creation of a public advisory body charged with advising on improvements to the Community Energy Master Plan (i.e. PWC climate action plan) to achieve the goals of the above-stated Comprehensive Plan changes.
  • The need to incorporate equity principles and environmental justice into the Community Energy Master Plan as well as the entire Comprehensive Plan.

We are so proud of our board for taking its first steps to a more equitable and sustainable Prince William. Now that we have strong goals, the next step is to create an aggressive action plan! It is up to us to keep the flame going.