Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions


2021-22 Advocacy Priorities

For the coming year, we’ve grouped our advocacy priorities into three focus areas. Our subject matter experts have written issue papers that address some of these topics. Establishing these three buckets will allow us to be nimble as we advocate in an every changing landscape. Look for more issue papers to come. Want to write a paper on subject that has yet to be addressed? Speak up! Join the FACS Advocacy Team!

Smart Growth

This priority area embraces all issues related to development, including land use, tree canopy, transportation and building a more equitable community.



Reducing the Waste Stream

This priority area continues our focus on advocating for Zero Waste. It includes a county-wide resolution and plan, as well as linkages to food waste and food insecurity, elimination of single-use plastics, composting, recycling, and waste disposal.

Energy and Justice

These priorities build on our work from past years related to increased adoption of renewable energy, net zero schools, energy efficiency, building codes, and reducing the energy burdens in low- and middle-income communities.


What is #FACSacts? It’s a sustainable movement that looks different for everyone. It’s empowerment, education, and meaningful interactions with others. It’s voicing values and working together as a community to change the world. It’s acting with urgency to address the climate crisis.

At FACS, we believe that local action leads to global impact. We also believe that we’re stronger when we work together. Organizing as a group has a greater impact and faith communities have a unique bond of fellowship strengthened by shared priorities. Our faith-based values and action aren’t fads—they are core ethical and spiritual truths that motivate us to care for the environment and for humanity.


FACS’ #ZerosAreHeroes campaign is part of our effort to promote local policies that will reduce greenhouse gases and reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

The #FairfaxToZero social media toolkit complements our Zeros Are Heroes campaign and is a helpful resource to help guide individuals and/or groups of people who care about the planet to take faith-based action. The toolkit currently has four advocacy priorities outlined with key takeaways, tactics, and digital assets (graphics + a video) along with sample messaging so that we can unify and amplify our voices.

Want the nitty gritty? Read about all of our 2021 Advocacy Priorities, which sparked our #ZerosAreHeroes campaign, in our comprehensive e-book.

Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and does not engage in partisan activities. We do not work for or against specific candidates or parties. All are welcome at the table.