Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

Buildings Upgrade Prize (Buildings UP)

The Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions (FACS) has been named a Phase 1 winner of the Department of Energy’s Buildings UP award. This achievement marks a significant stride towards our shared vision of fostering a sustainable future.

Buildings UP is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at supporting scalable and equitable projects to facilitate the transition towards energy-efficient and clean energy-ready buildings. From a pool of over 300 submissions, we are immensely proud to be among the elite 45 winners. FACS has proposed an ambitious project designed to empower faith communities in enhancing the energy efficiency of their congregational buildings. Without delay, we are eager to embark on this journey in collaboration with you and your congregation.

Here’s a glimpse of what we have in store:

  • Energy Assessment: Working closely with your congregation, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the energy usage of your facilities.
  • Identifying Opportunities: Together, we will pinpoint opportunities to reduce energy waste and lower utility costs, ultimately making your congregation more environmentally responsible and financially efficient.
  • Securing Funding: We are committed to exploring various funding options to support these pivotal energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Upgrades: The upgrades may include transitioning to highly efficient electric equipment like heat pumps and heat pump water heaters, as well as enhancing building efficiency through measures such as insulation and air sealing.
This award represents the first Federal grant FACS  has received, a momentous achievement for our organization. The real work now unfolds as we join forces to create a sustainable and energy-efficient future for faith communities and beyond.If your community is eager to embark on this mission towards energy efficiency alongside us, please contact Eric Goplerud ( who leads the project. You can learn more about the prize and the winning Phase 1 teams here.