Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions

April 2022 Fairfax County Hub Updates

Fairfax Advocacy is happy to announce a revived Mason District Advocacy team! And Fairfax welcomed a new member, Jo Doumbia! We met with Supervisor Gross on March 31st.

Over the past weeks, we’ve met with all but two of the Supervisors — Rodney Lusk of Lee District and Kathy Smith of Sully. We also met with Board of Supervisors Chair Jeff McKay. In each meeting, team members discussed issues drawn from our platform.

We invite you to show up in large numbers on April 13th at the Government Center, located at 12000 Government Center Pkwy in Fairfax.
Come tell the Board of Supervisors that they need to support the local climate solutions we’ve brought to them. FACS has four speakers slotted from approx. 4:30 to 5:30 pm. Come wearing green and bring everyone you can! We ask you to bring signs advocating for climate action, with phrases such as: Electric Buses by 2030! Net Zero Buildings, etc.

FACS’ close eye on new opportunities in the Federal Bipartisan Infrastructure law led to an important local collaboration. FACS brought those opportunities — including grant funds that fund up to 75% of the transition from fossil fueled to electric transit — to the attention of Transportation Committee Chair Supervisor Walter Alcorn and Board Chair McKay. FACS urged them to apply for the grant by the deadline of May 31st. It’s important that FACS watches  for opportunities like these and advocates for them to our elected representatives. Good work, Transportation Team!

Our Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) team met with Director Justin Moss to find out why the implementation of Solar on Schools has made so little progress in the 27 months after it was announced. The team is grateful for the time Moss and his associate Brady Rauch spent with us. Our plan to push FCPS forward on solar and other recommendations from the Joint Environmental Task Force final report continues to build momentum.

To join a Fairfax Advocacy Team, email