FACS is proud to announce that we have recently begun organizing in the City of Alexandria. By assembling in Alexandria we are honoring our commitment to uniting people of faith within Northern Virginia to develop local climate solutions. We are excited to start mobilizing and encourage you to sign up to receive communication about Alexandria advocacy.

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Submit a comment to support climate priorities in the Alexandria City budget

The City has started the FY2022 budget process (for July 2021 through June 2022). While we understand the difficult fiscal choices that the Manager and Council will need to make over the coming months, there are several areas where the City can continue to make progress on climate change. FACS Alexandria and the group Alexandrians For the Environmental Action Plan (Alex4EAP) are collaborating to ask the Manager to include these items in his budget proposal that will be presented in February.

Comment on the FY22 City of Alexandria Proposed Budget (to Manager, Mayor, Council).

Sample talking points for your comment:

Please include adequate budget resources for these important programs identified in the City’s Environmental Action Plan as needing funding in FY22. These support the Manager’s stated FY22 budget priority “Building Community Resilience to Climate Change”:

  1. Energy and Climate Change Task Force (EAP 1.1.1)
  2. Green Building New Staff Person (EAP 3.1.7)
  3. Development of Policies and Guidelines for Estimating GHG Emissions in City Budget (EAP 1.1.2)
  4. City Electric Vehicle Program funding (EAP 2.2.2)
  5. Tree Canopy Program and Guidelines (EAP 4.1.1)

These actions will help put the City on a path for a sustainable and equitable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn while working to mitigate climate change and its impacts to City residents. Thank you.


Alexandria Energy and Climate Change Action Plan kick-off: anticipated Jan/Feb. 2021

Thanks to those of you who applied to be on the task force for this important initiative. City staff anticipate selecting task force members over the coming weeks and a first meeting sometime in January or February.

FACS Alexandria will be following this process closely to advocate for strong and equitable commitments to fight climate change and prepare for its impacts. Look for updates here or in the newsletter.