Alexandria News, June 2021

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Here’s your source of June news for the Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions’ (FACS) Alexandria Hub.

May Recap

Win! New Green Building Staff position in the City Budget!

Comments and testimony by members of FACS ALX and other local groups helped secure funding in the City budget. This new position in the Planning & Zoning Department will enable the City to proactively negotiate stronger green building practices in new development projects and implement other recommendations of its Environmental Action Plan (EAP). At time of writing for last month’s newsletter, the budget proposal had funding for $30,000, but subsequently Vice Mayor Bennett-Parker made a proposal for full position funding of $120,000 (consistent with the EAP) which passed in the final budget approval.

City Energy and Climate Change Action Plan Kicks Off

The first task force meeting to update the City’s climate plan was held May 4. FACS ALX will continue to follow this process and work to ensure that the City’s most vulnerable residents are included.

Landmark Mall Redevelopment

The new hospital, walkable mixed-use development, transportation features, and other community facilities will be a real boon to the City’s West End. FACS ALX, other groups and community members advocated for building and energy features consistent with 2030 greenhouse gas mitigation needs, given the project’s large size, phased buildout through 2032, and longevity. Although not all desired features and energy analyses may be incorporated, the proposed development will meet the City’s Green Building Policy and will include additional sustainable features like all-electric residences (eliminating the need for gas appliances and building utilities), electric vehicle charging, and green roofs. The project goes to the Planning Commission on June 24.

June Events

Wednesday, June 2, 5:00 p.m.: FACS Sustainability Champion Awards

Thursday, June 3, 3:00 p.m.: Solarize Alexandria Info Session
City program makes it easier and more affordable for residents and business owners to install solar power systems. Property owners who register for the SolarizeAlexandria program by June 30 will receive a free, no-obligation virtual solar site assessment for their home or business. Attend the info session or visit the webpage for information and to get a solar assessment.

Tuesday, June 8: City and State Democratic Primary Election
Final day for voting in elections for Democratic candidates for Alexandria Mayor and City Council as well as various state offices. Please vote!

Note: no FACS ALX group monthly meeting in June. We will combine our June and July meetings and have a single meeting sometime in mid-July. 

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