Alexandria News, April 2021

park benches on Alexandria, Virginia waterfront

Here’s your source of April news for the Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions’ (FACS) Alexandria Hub.

Submit a comment before April 7 to support Green Building staff position in City Budget

FACS Alexandria is submitting a letter asking City officials to support this position that is called out in the City’s Environmental Action Plan. Please take a moment to also submit an individual comment ahead of the April 7 FY22 budget workshop meeting at which environmental and planning programs will be discussed. 

Sample talking points:

  • Please support funding for a new Green Building staff position in the FY22 budget for Planning & Zoning, as recommended by the Environmental Action Plan 2040 (action # 3.1.7). The EAP recommended the position to have started last year.
  • As a person of faith and an Alexandria resident, climate change is a major concern, and I appreciate the City Manager’s efforts to include funding for programs to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and also adapt to the extreme weather effects already occurring.
  • Buildings accounted for 57% of the City’s greenhouse gas emissions in the most recent inventory. Further City actions that go beyond the current Green Building Policy are needed to achieve our adopted climate targets, as identified in the EAP.
  • This new staff position will be critical to implementing the multiple EAP green building actions slated for completion by FY23 and to helping the Energy and Climate Change Task Force formulate effective strategies for the buildings sector.

Submit Your Comment

Landmark Redevelopment

FACS Alexandria submitted a letter last month to the project developer Foulger Pratt and Inova Health applauding the planned development and also requesting that they incorporate climate-friendly and other sustainability features above the minimum required, given the long timeframe and size of the development. The project team will present their sustainability plans April 28. We’re optimistic that they will incorporate some of the features supported by FACS and other community advocates.

Alexandria Energy and Climate Change Action Plan: May Kick-off

FACS Alexandria will be following this important City initiative closely to advocate for strong and equitable commitments to fight climate change and prepare for its impacts.

Earth Day Events and FACS Alexandria Hub Monthly Meeting

Stay tuned for information on community events being planned around Earth Day this year.

FACS Alexandria monthly meetings typically take place on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. Our next meeting will occur Tuesday, March 23, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Email if you would like to receive the Zoom link or sign up now to join the team and receive notification of upcoming events and opportunities in Alexandria.