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Advocacy Teams

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Local Climate Solutions Powered By Faith Communities

Local officials tell us they want to act on climate change but that they need constituent support. That’s where FACS Advocacy Teams come into the picture! The faith community is uniquely positioned to deliver the message of acting on climate change as a moral imperative. We invite you to join us in growing support for acting on the climate crisis with urgency and prioritizing equitable solutions to minimize human suffering through strong climate policies.

Participate in webinars, planning meeting, and meetings with elected officials.

Participate in programs and events, subscribe to hub newsletters, and track any issues of concern to share updates with the full team.

Attend public hearings, submit letters to editor, submit public comments, participate in letter campaigns, etc.

Sign up here, and we will connect you with the team that is organizing together in your county or city.
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Interested in joining an advocacy team? 

Advocacy Team Membership & Participation

  • Are invited to participate in monthly advocacy webinars and one in-person planning meeting (held in January each year).
  • Teams will meet at least twice a year with their elected officials
  • Team members are encouraged to participate in programs and events hosted by their elected officials, subscribe to district newsletters, track any issues of concern in their district, and are encouraged to share updates with the full advocacy team.
  • Additional opportunities for engagement, including public hearings, submitting letters to the editor, public comment, letter campaigns, etc. will be shared throughout the year.
  • Participate in FACS-organized meetings as a representative of FACS, respectful of the agreed-upon advocacy priorities
  • FACS leadership will assist team leads in recruiting team members, will convene the monthly advocacy webinars, manage FACS’ advocacy google group and calendar, set annual advocacy priorities, and will provide additional materials, training and support periodically.
Advocacy Teams in Action

Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions is a 501(c)(3) organization and does not engage in partisan activities. We do not work for or against specific candidates or parties. All are welcome at the table.