April 29, 2020.  Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions submitted public testimony in favor of specific carbon reduction programs that help  Fairfax County save or leverage reduced funds due to the corona virus pandemic. Funding for environmental programs was reduced to 2020 levels in the FY 2021 Updated Budget Proposal. Public hearings on the updated budget are being held April 28-30 remotely.  

Even as we are in the midst of responding to COVID-19, FACS remains focused on alleviating human suffering due to climate change. These last few months have demonstrated just how fragile we are, and the deep divide that exists in our society. The urgency of responding to the climate crisis looms in order to lessen future shocks.

Our four video testimonies make it clear that clean energy, electric vehicles, energy efficiency upgrades, and innovative financing opportunities such as a Green Bank save money and protect those who are most vulnerable to the health consequences of environmental degradation.

Text from the written transcripts are below:

Scott Peterson: Green Bank

Cindy Speas: Distributed Solar Energy  

John Cartmill: Electric Vehicles

Don Craig: Energy Justice, Energy Efficiency