January 2021

Community Spotlight: Prince William Food Rescue

sashia, January 14, 2021

Prince William Food Rescue (PWFR) is a program of ACTS (Action in Community Through Service) and is an extension of their Hunger Prevention Center. They connect Donor Partners with Distribution Partners throughout the region. By using an app developed by 412 Food Rescue, they are able to mobilize thousands of volunteers to rescue perishable food…. Read more »

Featured News

FACS Apologies for Errors

meg, January 2, 2021

Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions is committed to science-based, ethical, and moral climate advocacy. Recently, we did not meet our high standards for accuracy in analysis of air pollution emitted by the Covanta Fairfax trash incinerator. Initial analysis by FACS Board Chair, Eric Goplerud, of the components of air pollution produced by the Covanta plant and… Read more »