November 2016

Faith, Policy, and the Environment: Interview with Delegate Alfonso Lopez

meg, November 28, 2016

  Delegate Alfonso Lopez lives in Arlington, where he’s served in Virginia and federal politics for nearly 20 years as an Obama Administration political appointee and a Kaine Administration cabinet-level appointee. Del. Lopez founded and is chair of the Virginia Environment & Renewable Energy Caucus. Del. Lopez has a background in environmental law and has… Read more »

To Garden by Kathryn House

meg, November 15, 2016

   Tending a 3 raised-bed garden has changed the way I think about food. It has given me a lens through which to reflect more broadly on community, justice, faith, and hope. To garden invites me to consider being governed by its rhythms. This steady beat brings my tendency to rush without reflecting to a halt…. Read more »

11th Congressional District Statement

meg, November 4, 2016

This week, we asked the candidate for Virginia’s 11th Congressional District to describe his plans to protect creation.  The candidate (and Democratic incumbent) is Gerry Connolly, who runs unopposed this election season.  We asked Congressman Connolly to respond to this question: People of faith value stewardship of the earth and compassion for those who will… Read more »